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Advantages and Disadvantages of TV for students (Ujian Praktek Bhs. Inggris)

[Debate] Advantages and Disadvantages of TV for students

Mod      : Assalamualaikum... Mr Hartono and Mrs Uli. We all here want to debate about the advantages and disadvantages of TV for stundent.  My name is Arief, Nurul, and Wahyu in contraside, and Ema, Arie, Lucke in proside. Let’s begin!
Pro         : I think TV is good for stundent because it contains more knowledge. Beside that, TV is more communicative, because it directly delivered to the audience. TV also shows pictures, videos, and audios. That’s so complete for information and communication. So, we can get the current information completely
Contra  : I don’t think so, looking for knowledge is not only from TV, it can come from books. Books are the window of the world, aren’t they? Even books are more complete and more detail in serve the knowledge.
Pro         : But, looking for knowledge is not enough with one media. TV is also important. It is more up-to-date than books, because when something happen, TV directly shows it. So, TV is faster than other media communications.
Contra  : But TV’s program often shows violence and pornography, that’s not teaching about goodness for the student. We know that TV is not only watched by adults, but it also watched by children who can cheat everything that showed in TV and try this at their home.
Pro         : We have to be selective in choosing TV programs. If we know that the program is not good, we have to avoid it. Though, we use TV for losing the tired from any activities.
Contra  : But lose the tired can also done by taking recreation, take a walk with friends, and do another positive things. It is better than watching TV and spending much electric.
Pro         : But in fact, TV is more economist than take a recreation that costs high price. If we take a walk for recreation, we’ll spend much money especially for the gasoline. Beside that, if we are hungry, we need to buy some food and cost much money again.
Contra  : But TV teach consumtivity to children, especially for students. With TV, students will forget about their homework, and get the bad score in their school. So, TV make students fool.
Pro         : Not all of the programs show the consumtivity. There is also program showing education. For example education quiz. That program is very good for increasing the knowledge of students.
Contra  : In fact, nowadays many children use TV not for watch the education program, they are more like watch cinema and film that’s not important for their education. For example romance cinetron or another program that contains much bad behaviour and bad words.
Pro         : We can take the positive sides from film or cinema, for example it can make the student up-to-date for their society. If they are not up-to-date with something happen in their environment, they will be stamped as ancient people.
Contra  : If we watch TV too much, it can break our eyes. How about that? It’s better to take care than give treatment
Pro         : It’s no problem if you watch TV too much, but the distance between your eyes and TV must be controlled. So the broken eyes is not caused by the frequency you watch it, but it caused from the distance between you and TV
Contra  : But still, TV is not good for students, because it can broke their emotional. They can cheat everything they watched, then practice it in their life. For example, a student watched a love story in TV, then they cheated it and follow everything showed on love story such as kissing, free sex and many more.
Pro         : It based on their parents to teach the children to control their children’s activities.
Contra  : Unfortunately, not all parents so wise to teach their children. Many parents are busy with their own businesses and forget to control their children.
Mod      : So, we can say that it backs to the student’s own personality and controlling by their parents.  If we know that the TV program is not good for us, avoid it. And watch the positive one. 


        Ini short debate yang dibuat dengan waktu yang juga 'short' untuk persiapan ujian praktek bahasa inggris. Nah, berhubung kita bukanlah anak-anak Indonesia yang begitu pandai melafal bahasa lain seperti Inggris, maka harap dimaklumi bila banyak grammar dsb, salah salah. Namanya juga anak SMA banyak dosa :p

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